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2 Delivery Tasks ($480)

  • Deliver 4 carts of cordwood from logging camp to firewood depot #9. ($320)
  • Deliver 2 carts of cordwood from logging camp to firewood depot #10. ($160)

7 Construction Tasks ($2132)

  • Build a track to refinery (potential $288)
  • Build a track to oilfield (potential $216)
  • Build a track to ironworks (potential $108)
  • Build a track to smelter (potential $80)
  • Build a track to ironmine (potential $504)
  • Build a track to coalmine (potential $936)
  • Build a track to 0 (potential $0)

0 Expansion Tasks (-$0)

0 Find and Recover Tasks

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Psawhns background with kanados


Show trees cut down more than 0m of industry (can be replanted)
Show trees cut down less than 0m of industry

Rails and beds

Show beds
Show tracks
Show switches and crossings
Show Iron bridge on top of Wood bridge

Locos and carts

Show rolling stock

Cart coloring


Show Industry Labels


Show Slope Labels 0% to 1%
Show Slope Labels 1% to 2%
Show Slope Labels 2% to 3%
Show Slope Labels above 3%
I want to brag with my slope using 6 decimals after the comma
Show orange max slope circles


Curve radius 0..40m
Curve radius 40..60m
Curve radius 60..120m
Curve radius 120..xm

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Rolling Stock

Type Name Number Near Cargo Amount
Type Name Number Near Cargo Amount
Animals (276) preview list
Weather Phenomena and Named Winds by Comrade_Bob (28) preview list
Attributes by Comrade_Bob (33) preview list
Salad Vegetables (76) preview list
Greek Gods and Goddess (64) preview list
Exotic Dancers (102) preview list
Root Vegetables (44) preview list
Countries (197) preview list
DNRG Locomotive Names (133) preview list
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cm away from track!
cm away from industries!
for reference:
65 cm washing machine,
91 cm gauge,
170 cm bathtub,
460 cm car,
1880 cm switch
measured to start, center and end of track-(segment) only, switches, crosses are not taken into calculation (yet)


Player XP Money near DO NOT CLICK


Industry Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
Raise all industries (DO NOT USE)
Lower all industries (DO NOT USE)

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